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@BRPSeaDoo @NYBoatShow Color Me Pink & Spark Some Fun! Can we all Just Go Boating! #ShortVisual Moving The Ultra Cool 2014 Pink Sea-Doo Owen The Dream Now! #SeaDoo love this video blowing fun color waves in the water things are looking up #Style moving what’s next innovation move positive lifestyle series! Thank You Sarah Ryser for the fun facts & #UltraCool Boat Friends! warming me up coldest day ever in #NYC open the #NYBoatShow #US hot off the press The National Marine Manufactures Association #NMMA announces that as 2013 comes to a close, The U.S. recreational #boating industry will continue it’s post-recession climb with an estimated 5 percent increase in new #powerboat sales! Yes this is affordable #Boats under 5K #Boatfacts #American take to the water, as our participation numbers are at all time high 88 million #Americans went boating in 2012! #Yes #LifeStyle #MovingMedia #Film #Filming #StyleShow #BoatLife #FindYourSpark #WaterCraft #BoatShow #2001films

(at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center)



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