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@BigAppleCircus Next Stop Big Apple Circus Benefit! Special Guest #Artist Frederic Lere Paintings with Oil and Jig Saw Moving What’s Next Thank you for having me #MasonGallery Love #Art #BigAppleCircus Style #ClownCare is a community outreach program of the Big Apple Circus. an award winning presenter of live family #entertainment and a leading not-for-profit performing #Arts institution Using juggling, mime, magic, and music. Clown Care brings Joy and excitement of the #circus to the bedsides of hospitalized children you have my support great show #MovingMedia #support The CLOWN DOCTOR ease the stress of serious illness by reintroducing laughter and fun as natural parts of #lifestyle #FredericLere #film #filming #clown love #madeinny #artwalk #les #bowery #artshow #newyork #2001films
(at Lower East Side)


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