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@PublicArtFund Happy Black Bird Flying above The Blue Clouds Friday! Moving #PAFclouds by one of my favorite Artists Olaf Breuning creates videos, sculptures, drawings and installations. Known for pushing the boundaries to the #clouds and #artistic practice, Olaf Breuning #draws inspiration for his #art from #popculture Breuning has been the subject of solo exhibitions at the Swiss Institute in #NewYork the Migros Museum in Zurich the Australian Center of Photography in Sydney, and the Centre s’Art Contemporain in La Chapelle du Geneteil, France, among others. Selected group #exhibitions include those staged at White Box in #NewYorkCity the installation, Clouds, towers nearly 35 feet above the plaza among the #trees of #CentralPark by rudimentary steel support, the six bright #blueclouds are made of polished and #painted aluminum and where cut to match a had drawing by the #artist Calling to mind the set design of a school play or child-like drawings of the #sky the idea for this work is inspired by one of the artist’s stage photographs. For this earlier work, Bruning used cranes and cherry pickers to raise large blue drawings of #clouds high in the air, creating a momentary scene to be captured by the #camera Inspired by this #Artwork #PublicArtFund looks great #publicart #MovingMedia #film #filming #StyleShow #OlafBreuning learning the stories behind the fun art #MadeinNY #NYC #2001films (at Central Park)



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