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@Risotteriam @MaggieLines This looks like a real fun #Risotto place Maggie! we will have to try #RisotteriaMelotti a dream that has com true for an Italian family living a stone’s throw from the Balcony of Romeo and Juliet Verona. Moving in the #EastVillage Thursday love this #restaurant window. Italian Style Risotto and other dishes, prepared only with rice that the Melotti #family directly produces in Italian lands. Over the years the #entrepreneurial #creativity has led the #Melotti Family to realize a range of Rice-based Specialties, such as the Rice Flour, the Rice-baced Biscuits, the Rice-based Breadsticks or the Rice-based Beer, and Rice-based Wellbeing Line. Love learning this family #Italian story to success. This is the reason why they decided to land in the heart of the #BigApple bringing exquisite #rice see you soon for dinner looks amazing #Risotteria #organic #Italianrice #glutenfree #riceproducts #MadeinNY #film #filming fun neighborhood places and stories #StyleShow #NYCEats #classicbike #NewYork #2001films
(at East Village)


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