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@AlecMonopoly GO directly to #AvantGallery Tuesday; do not pass go, do not collect $200! Moving What’s next Egg Art Artist Alec Monopoly sends the player to the #Faberge Big Egg Hunt is on! #AlecMonopoly is a pseudonymous American #streetartist, graffiti artist, and painter. His is know for his satirical spins using the #Monopoly man, in reference to contemporary styes or situations. Monopoly is from #NewYork, He moved to Los Angeles. He found working there was easier because of the many billboards in the city. Monopoly has been arrested in New York and was on probation. Monopoly Man is an idea originally inspired by the stockbroker Bernie Madoff. Monopoly also pastes up images of Jack Nicholson. Moving in Egg #Manhattan 260 eggstraordinary eggs hidden all over #NewYorkCity All proceeds from the sale of these eggs will benefit #art education for children through Studio in a School and Elephant Family’s animal conservation projects across Asia. Excellent Egg Work Avant #Galley my kinda place on Tuesday electrify your spirt with inspiration through forward-thinking #art and #design objet d’art with limited availability and unlimited personality. #MovingMedia #TheBigEggHuntNY #film #Artist #filming #TheBigEggHunt #ArtPeople #StyleShow fine #art mixed #media design #MadeinNY #2001films (at Flatiron District)



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