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@City_Lore The People’s Hall of Fame! Moving What’s Next #NewMedia Producer Maggie explore the #EastVillage The #CityLore Gallery Moving #Murals: Henry Chalfant’s All-City Graffiti Archive. City Lore’s mission is to foster #NewYorkCity and American’s living cultural heritage through education and public programs. City Lore #Gallery document, present, and advocate for New York City’s grassroots #cultures to ensure their living legacy in #stories and #histories, places and traditions. Working in four #cultural domains: urban folklore and #history; preservation; #arts education; and grassroots; poetry traditions. Through these domains. the #CityLoreGallery has become a #cultural hub of the city, forging a strong foundation for advocacy and celebration of the city’s cultural atmosphere, while also providing an avenue for the myriad #voices of #NewYork City to be heard. The Gallery is an incubator for the furthering of cultural equity and the modeling of a better world with projects a dynamic and diverse as New York City itself. #MovingMedia #Style #StreetArt #StyleShow #film #filming #Art #MadeinNY #MovingMedia #2001films (at East Village)


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