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@MaggieLines @CentreFugePublicArtProject Catching the Sunshine Today! Beautiful #EastVillage walk with New Media Producer Maggie! Moving what’s next #Centrefuge re-beautify this incredible block, encourage the community to express itself in a public forum. With the closure of half of #HoustonSt, making underground way for the 2nd Avenue Subway line, the ever-growing presence of construction makes the block feel less like a neighborhood, full of individuals and more like a work site full of barricades and jackhammers. Centre-fuge #PublicArt Project transforms the trailers, into a rotating #streetart gallery on the South side of First Street follow the #art. Between 2 to 7 #artists at a time create work on a visible side of the structure. The art changes over once every two months. Take a fun creative walk on the #LowerEastSide support #CentreFugePublicArtProject #Mural #MovingMedia #StyleShow #film #filming Positive new #Media #StreetFashion #April #StreetArtNYC #MadeinNY #StreetStyle #NewYorkCity #2001films (at East Village)


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