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@LandRover Explore the New Discovery Vision #LandRover Self-Driving Mode #ReadyToDrive #NYIAS The New Age of Land Rover Discovery was launched on the deck of the USS Intrepid in New York with a laser light show. Now I can see why enjoying The #NYAutoShow! The Discovery Vision is full on Moving #Technology. The bedlams are lasers, and so are the fog lamps. The lasers can scan the road ahead for obstacles, even road conditions, and transmit information to the #driver. It’s projected on the car’s windows. The #fourwheeldrive system uses that information to tell the driver which path to carve off-road. The #lasers can even project a warning Batman #CarStyle sign in case the car is disabled on the road. The tech horsepower in the #Discovery Vision also includes a #selfdriving mode. The #LandRoverDiscovery can be piloted autonomously-but the driver can also get out of the vehicle and steer it into a parking spot or over a boulder via their smartphone. #Innovation You can even FaceTime from the front seat to the third row without having to turn around. Start looking for the new Discovery Vision Next Year! Land Rover moves what’s next enjoy the ride! #MovingMedia fun new Positive interactive #NewMedia #LifeStyle series #film #filming #AutoShow #MadeinNY #NewYorkCity #2001films (at New York International Auto Show)



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