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@ChalkBoardTee It’s a Chalk Board T-Shirt Day! #ChalkBoardTee by Class Attire Love it Happy Monday #Art! The Chalkboard Tee makes learning fun! It all started in #NewYork in 2006, when a guy and a girl met and kind of hit it off. The idea came about after Chris, a handyman at the time, was inspired by this cool #chalkboard paint that you can put all over just about anything. “Why not a shirt?”, he says. “I mean, who wants to wear some logo on their chest anyway, right?” So, put it on a #shirt he did. The outcome wasn’t very pretty, but it worked for the moment. Then this Chris guy shows his new girlfriend Jinyen this ‘#chalkboardshirt’ and she flips! “Why are we not selling these?”, she says. “I dunno”, Chris answers. Needless to say, they agreed that it was a good idea to get deeper into this #ChalkboardTee thing. After lots of trial and error, they figured out how to make it work on a shirt. (I’m so glad they did!) Right from the get-go, they knew there had to be a #pocket for the #chalk, so the ‘#ChalkIt’ was added, and The Chalkboard #Tee was born. The couple started selling Chalkboard Tees at St. Anthony’s Market in 2008, on Houston Street between Thompson and Sullivan, and immediately they were a hit! There were lots of cold days on that block, but it heated up, and that summer they decided to spread their wings. That’s when The Chalkboard Tee hit the road. Moving What’s next fun new positive #media #ChalkTalk #MovingMedia #NoHo #film #filming #Chalk #Artists inspiring creative stories #MadeinNY #NewYorkCity #2001films (at NoHo, Manhattan)


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