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@KennyScharf You Got Scharfed! #KennyScharf Vibrant Swirling Mural! Kenny’s iconic characters extending beyond the flat surface and into the brick work #LowerEastSide Kenny Scharf is an American painter who lives in Brooklyn, #NewYorkCity. Scharf’s work consist of painting #popculture icons in a science fiction setting, such as the Flintstones and the Jetsons. He is most week-known for his work in the 80’s #artscene. In 2002, he created and wrote the pilot for an #animated series called The Groovenians. Scharf was most known for his work in the #EastVillage, art scene of the 1980s, with shows at Fun gallery and Tony Shafrazi, before seeing his work embraced by museums, such as the Whitney, which selected him for the 1985 Whitney Biennial. It was during this time that he did the cover #art for the B-52s’ fourth studio album, Bouncing off the Satellites. #Scharf was friends and former roommates with #graffitiartist Keith Haring and appears in the documentary “The Universe of Keith Haring”. With Keith, he created the first of his backlight disco installations, called “cosmic closet” in the closet of their Times Square apartment. That project has grown and morphed into its most recent incarnation, “Cosmic Cavern”. In 2004, he appeared in The Nomi Song, a documentary about his friend, opera singer Klaus Nomi. In 2010, Kenny Scharf collaborated with Joe Grillo and Laura Grant of Dearraindrop, an artist collective from Virginia Beach for a show at the Hole #NYC. Scharf has had featured exhibits at the Monterrey Museum of #Contemporary Art, Miami Center for Fine Arts, and the Queens Museum of Art. #MovingMedia #StreetArt Style moves my positive Thursday #film #filming #StyleShow #MadeinNY #Mural #NewYork #2001films (at Lower East Side – LES)


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