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@Gallery151 The Infinite ART Beat! Moving Media #Gallery151 
The infinite ART Beat by Artist Justin Eastman shows us the potential depth of out love. While it appears to be shallow, we can see that the vessel has little depth, but when we peer inside, we can see that heart is infinite. The changing lights represents the cycle of our love throughout our lives and the infinite combinations that are possible. Presents Default World Dreaming! A group exhibition inspired by the BurningMan experience artwork pulsating flashing and colorful LED lights that are constantly changing. The original inspiration for this was from the artists fiancé, who over dinner said “when a group of people can hear or visualize someone’s heartbeat, the entire group will begin to syncopate with that heart beat visualization or sound”. MovingMedia StyleShow happy Friday creative moving what’s next positive fun new Media series filming new Media @2001films (at Gallery 151)


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