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@TheHoleNYC Too Many Ideas! #TheHoleNYC presents the third solo exhibition at the gallery by #Artist Holton Rower is unlike anything you have seen him do before. #TooManyIdeas looks like a group show by one person: The exhibition is like a glimpse into the artist’s #studio where his hyperactive, #creative mind is constantly testing out new strategies and materials. Fighting against the pressure on an artist to develop their “brand” by making works within a narrow and accepted mode. This creative life where inspiration comes from all sides and takes so many forms is both celebrated here and encouraged of his audience, as Rower hopes putting himself “out there” so unreservedly will inspire to take chances in their practice an in the #gallery. A #masterpiece or not, every piece included shows something interesting about Rower’s including perhaps the way his mind works. Some works mark the point where Rower reached the terminus of an #idea and then came back around in the other direction. Moving what’s next fun creative #art walk Saturday #MovingMedia #TheHoleGallery #film #filming #artwork #sculpture new positive #lifestyle #EastVillage series #MadeinNY #NewYorkCity #2001films (at East Village)



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