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Default World Dreaming One of the signifying qualities of Burning Man is that there is no television, cell phone services or internet signal. All connection within the 78,000 person community is done in real time and space, which creates moments of creative serendipity and openness. NewYork artist Taki Fey, explores this lack of social programing in his work. He states: “the television has the power to shape the belief systems of the majority of a nation, and thus is truly a piece of modern sorcery. The default world created by the television has become “reality” for a vast swath of the population” His GreenTV is a re-approprition of the old cathode ray television set. By unplugging it from it’s “source”, the “Green TV” tunes into the world of visions and dreams by turning its former screen into a mist filled terrarium that conjures a holographic of folkloric spirits.



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