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@LaineandAlliage What started out as an experimental project, quickly became Laine + Alliage, /len/ + /alja/ , blending contrasting properties to achieve distinct textures. Tania Leipold initial concept was to bring the exclusivity, extravagance and luxury of #hautcouture into the home, so she created a collection of unconventional #pillows. Her creative process was sparked by the need to escape the sometimes strict, corporate world of #fashion, and instead go back to basics and focus on #design. This idea allows for the creation of exceptional #handmade pieces of #art made from quality materials. Tania #artist experience in fashion #ateliers in Paris, both as an apprentice and professional, have trained to become a #perfectionist when it comes to quality. Constantly searching for that perfect moment in the #designer process when the materials, colors ant textures create harmony, Discover what’s next #MadeinNY #PillowDesign #MovingMedia #StyleShow #film #filming local #EastVillage #Pillow designer in #WashingtonSquarePark #ShopLocal #SupportLocal #NewYorkCity #2001films (at Washington Square Park)


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