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@MrCope2 Moving the Monday night energy! #Cope2 True Legend #BoweryMural always looking at the outside, Cope2 born in the South Bronx! The home, the motherland, the Mecca of hip hop. by ’88 the subway #graffiti era was dead and 100’s of writers that had been writing since day 1 kinda quit and just disappeared. Some got into positive things, some got into drugs selling and some got into using drugs, some went to prison and some passed away… I went through my own dramas in life, but I always kept on writing. In the late 80’s and early 90’s I got into painting permission walls. A lot of writers were getting into permission walls. Getting into productions was kinda cool, you know getting older and maintaining a family, doing legal walls was a lot less stressful. But I still did illegal shit here and there. I mean subways are in my blood, I was hitting them from time to time #MovingMedia moving what;s next I can taste the paint down below #Badass #StreetArtist #Mural #Bowery #LowerEastSide #EastVillage #film #filming #graffitiartist #StyleShow #Art #MadeinNY #NewYorkCity #2001films
(at New York, New York)



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