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@WallPaperMag The perfect Artistic Design Pairing British artist #IanWright with Swiss #pencilmaker Caran d’Ache #HandmadeExhibition couldn’t have yielded a more inspiring result. Moved by the precision and intricate process that Caran d’Ache employs even when making the humble pencil, Wright set out to represent the company in a whole new way. He honed in on #EmmanuelPoire, a leading 19th-century French cartoonist who went by the pseudonym Caran d’Ache and after whom the company was named ( Caran d’Ache stems from the Russian word for #pencil.) Wright decided recreate Poire’s likeness in #pencils. Despite his love for colours, Wright felt a need to pull back and limit himself to just a fed colours. The pencils are held in place by resin bases that are used during the pencil manufacturing process as a reference to the whole journey. #Artist moving fun new positive media a great day #345Meatpacking #WestVillage #WallpaperMag #Inspiration #handmade #designweek #MadeinNY #film #filming creative new interactive #StyleShow #Design #Art series #NewYorkCity #2001films (at Wallpaper Handmade With Jaguar Exhibit)


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