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@AmberArbucci The Silent Medusa! Awesome Day in the #EastVillage! So excited kicking off my new Positive Media series today Inspired by Art! #TheGirlatJellyfishLake moving what’s next my New Media Team #behindthescenes filming with Alexis Gremmel from #RaawArt discussing what I love #Art Inspired by “The Girl at Jellyfish Lake” artist, renowned fashion model, wildlife photographer and adventurist Amber Arbucci who spent 7 hours underwater in the western Pacific island of Palau with over five million jellyfish to create this vivid, artistic self portraiture. “This is proof that when you are passionate, hard working and in love with a dream you go after it until it happens!” thank you to my team @RaawArt @ValentineDennie @DennisVereten #film #filming a new positive media #lifestyle series @WaterKeeperAlliance The Voice for the World’s Water #Waterkeeper Alliance #StreetArt @Billboard4org New York is the beginning of a landmark national charity project devoted to #PublicArt #WallArt #Artist #AmberArbucci #MadeinNY #StyleShow #AstorPlace #NewYorkCity #2001films (at East Village, Manhattan)



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