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@PaceGallery No wonder I can’t find any index cards in this Town! #PaceGallery please take note new work by #artist Tara Donovan on view now! Untitled Art Work, compressed of several million 3×5” white #indexcards stacked and glued into scores interweaving columnar forms combining to reach a summit of each element. #Sculpture as in all of her work, Donavan spends months or even years searching for a method of assembly that allows the simple and immutable characteristics of the chosen material to generate complex, emergent phenomena which keep the viewer cycling between perception of the parts and the whole between the forms themselves and the light that surrounds and divides them. The work draws on both #Minimalist and formalist histories, while #creating a radically new form which embraces #complexity and iterative processing #TaraDonovan. #MovingMedia #StyleShow #film #filming #Gallery walk new fun positive media with my friends at Pace #Art #WestVillage #Chelsea #NewYorkCity #2001films (at Pace Gallery)



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