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@overthrownyc great game yesterday #NYCRising on the court #West4th Interview’s with Coach Joey Goodwin & Team! #TheCage moving what’s next new series filming in #NewYorkCity discover new fun positive media inspired by my teams creative impulse @valentinedennie nice shot #behindthescenes Basketball has been embraced by New Yorkers since the sport’s beginnings in the 1980’s and today there are well over 100 courts in #Manhattan parks alone. Known for the high quality pick-up #basketball games played daily at this site, several NBA players got their start at the West 4th #StreetCourts. A yearly tournament at “The Cage” showcases this talent, and players come from all over the world to compete. Great work Thursday star power @dennisvereten on the #canon #6D please learn more about the players on Joey’s team work moves me!! The Cage Steve NYC Rising for the win Steve for three led by Sidney Smith was born in Harlem, #NewYork and relocated to New York’s Lower East Side. Sidney’s rare physical gift, natural basketball aptitude #StyleShow #StreetStyle #film #MadeinNY #NewYork #2001films (at West Fourth Street Courts)


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