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@RodeMics Moving what’s next “Art Can Heal” some more fun with #Artist Caroline Bergonzi follow the Art #behindthescenes filming Segment #3 last week Excellent camera work and style by @MonikaPresnets getting ready to move the new series this week on subscribe new creative stories and media inspired by my creative team @valentinedennie @dennisvereten @raawart Location Caroline Bergonzi Secret Creative Laboratory! #CarolineBergonzi @carolinebergonzi your #art is a new positive inspiration for me “I believe that art can heal! Imagine a world where you can let go and live really fully, where you can scream, scratch, punch, break, tear, push, pull, burn play, and anger is not something that you “out of your mind,” but something that you tame into #creativity.” CB #MovingMedia go team magical day #film #filming #RodeMic Committed to providing customers with #audio products that represent the ultimate performance and user satisfaction moving what’s next fun new positive #media #ArtShow #RaawArt #ArtShow #MadeinNY #Welder #Welding #sculptor #StyleShow #NewYorkCity #2001films (at New York, New York)


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