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@ThomasDambo This just made my Day! #HappyWall 1800 #pixels Great picture & story from my Happy Producer Valentin @valentinedennie from “The Happiest Place on Earth #Denmark” Today! The Happy Wall you can open the back tiles to spell/draw things on it by Artist Thomas Dambo Happy Wall is an analog interactive pixel screen. The screen consists of nearly 2000 wooden boards that can be reversed and change color. Everybody who wants can in this way create patterns, animals, words or statements only limit is your imagination. Happy Wall – is your opportunity to make a huge #artwork in the middle of #Copenhagen. Hashtag pictures with Happy Wall and join the fun made out of the remnants of Tuborg’s #cinema tribune at Roskilde Festival #MovingMedia #artist #ThomasDambo #StylShow #film #filming #happy around the world and back moving fun positive happy media #Nyhavn #2001films
(at Happy Wall, Copenhagen)


learn the fun positive story “The Girl at Jellyfish Lake” by renowned fashion model, wildlife photographer and adventurist Amber Arbucci who spent 7 hours underwater in the Western Pacific island of Palau with over five million jellyfish to create this vivid, artistic self portraiture! Just amazing work love walking by this mural everyday located in the East Village and looking up!

Amazing work by Artist Amber Arbucci!

Amazing work by Artist Amber Arbucci!

thank you to my team!
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Monika Baskiewicz Monika Presents
Alexis Gremmel RaawArt
Dennis Vereten Cinematographer
Valentin Mette-Marie Producer

Artist Amber Arbucci

To learn more about how you can support this important cause for Water Conservation go to!

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@iwillnoteatgreeneggznham Sam good to see you today bro! Moving the local business story in the #212 At #BCupCafe, who has pride in using the best produce and freshest ingredients available. #EastVillage B Cup offer’s a wide selection of #coffee based beverages and more than 20 blend of tea as well as other homemade drinks like the signature refreshing mint lemonade. Hungry too? #BCup has something for everyone soups, sandwiches, salads, and deserts with lots of #vegan and #vegetarian options. B Cup #Cafe strives to create a comfortable and relaxing ambiance cozy couches and a great selection of music #shoplocal #smallbusiness moving what’s next fun new positive #media #film #filming #MadeinNY #StyleShow #MovingMedia #NewYorkCity #2001films (at B Cup Café)

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@valentinedennie @dennisvereten @raawart @monikapresents Nice Shoes!! one day we will #film in Paris I promise! What a new fun creative way to kick off the new series on #MonikaPresents tonight on segment #1 take a journey “The Girl at Jellyfish Lake” subscribe moving fun new creative #YouTube stories and media inspired by my new creative team and fun energy thank you! #RaawArt discussing what I love #Art Inspired by @AmberArbucci “This is proof that when you are passionate, hard working and in love with a dream you go after it until it happens!” #artist #art #mysteelo moving what’s next in my #sperrys #MadeinNY #Soho #fiming #movingmedia #nyc #2001films (at Nyc, Downtown-Soho)