New Media Production and Distribution Company


New Media Director / Producer


Jonathan Jones has over 18 years of experience working with some of the brightest and most successful producers, directors and production teams in the film and television industry.

My new goal and mission is to feature and give the support and team effort to small innovative creative new talent and brands! Helping push and drive the energy with new fresh positive real perspective using social media Instagram, Twitter and Youtube currently filming in New York new Life Style Series fashion, arts, food and travel new fun discovery show!

Past work CBS Worldwide Distribution in Partnership working with SFM Entertainment owner of over 6,000 television classic titles. Together Jones and SFM preserved classic fragile TV content. Delivering 96 episodes of the Flip Wilson Show for the launch of Magic Johnson’s Aspire Network, meeting the current demand for high definition broadcast. Working with cutting edge New York distribution company New Video, delivering the Joey Bishop Show, Real McCoys and David Wolper’s Marilyn Monroe, meeting the contemporary distribution demands of iTunes including 226 episodes of The Life and Legand of Wyatt Earp for Starz Western Channel.

Previous to this specialization worked in International Distribution, coordination America’s Next Top Model in all franchises, including Russia, New Zealand and Australia to name a few. Moving content to Big CBS India, Indonesia, Dubai, Italy, France, Yugoslavia, Estonia, Iceland, Denmark and broader Europe. Using Smart Jog and Aspera file delivery.

Prior to CBS worked in Los Angeles and Virginia Producing two hit shows for Base Productions Sport Science II on Fox Sport’s Net and Crime 360 on A&E. Sport Science II went on to win an Emmy for Outstanding New Approach to Sports Programing.

Learning the ropes of the film and television industry at the early age of 16, working in the feature films in the location’s and set production. Worked on such films as Big Daddy with Adam Sandler, HBO Miniseries John Adams with Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney, Law and Order SVU, You’ve Got Mail, Deep Impact, Major Payne, Studio 54 and GI Jane.

Working for such a dynamic range of talented and creative people across the board. Driven to Produce What’s Next Interactive New Moving Media Series!!