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@RedBullNYC A DJ by the name of Larry Levan “broke” this significant house music trio at the Paradise Garage! Played only what he wanted the hear which has been described as the prototype of the modern #danceclub. He developed a cult following who referred to his sets as “Saturday Mass”. Influential #US #DJ Francois Kevorkian credits Levan with introducing the #dub aesthetic into #dancemusic. #EastVillage Along with Kevorkian, Levan experimented with drum machines and synthesizers in his productions and live sets, ushering in an #electronic, post #disco sounds that presaged the ascendence of #housemusic. #RBMANYC 1960’s early 70’s: the jukebox was the predominant medium for listening to #music in #NewYork clubs. Commercial venues had to adhere to strict city rules. The social and political climate were in constant flux. Small bars and dance spaces in #NewYorkCity from outer boroughs to midtown Malcolm’s, Andre’s, Uncle Charlies, Buttermilk Bottoms, The Gilded Grape, The Firehouse, The Continental Baths gave refuge to the disquiet. Below the surface a new way of life was evolving, by-passing and answering a call for life, the ethos that would be the dominant influence to what was to come in dance #music culture. As part of the local initiative to rename King Street Larry Levan Way, the Red Bull Music Academy is proud to pay tribute to the legacy of Levan along with some of his most ardent supporters at the place that matters to them most. #StreetParty #RedBull Music Festival May 11th between Varick and Hudson. #MovingMedia #Colossalmedia #StreetArt #LarryLevan #film #filming #StyleShow #Art #Mural #MadeinNY #NYC #2001films (at East Village)


Historian Ken Burns has become synonymous with classic PBS documentaries. His newest app for the iPad creates something akin to mix tapes of history to take 8,147 minutes or 5.5 straight days worth of footage and turn into bite sized knowledge.

Ken Burns' chats it up about his newest iPad app

Ken Burns’ chats it up about his newest iPad app

It was great watching him talk about it at the launch last night.