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@Indie184 Push It Friday! On a Mission Moving Positive fun Art stories! #ArtNowNY Love your work #Indie184 moving what’s next Art Now presents Push It, a group exhibition featuring 21 New York and California based #artists. The show of 42 works in #mixedmedia, #painting and photography highlights a bold urban aesthetic from a group of artists, some of whom combine #StreetArt with their existing studio practices. #PushIt seeks to further a cover station on how the contemporary #art sub-genre, Street Art, is influencing fine art studio practice. Viewed as a signature #movement of artists immersed in subversive or Low Brow #culture, Street #Art is increasingly making its way into fine art practice. Identified as art that is eye-catching or confrontational. Push It is a show meant to survey the current influence of the Street Art movement on the contemporary #artworld outside of the archaic and rigid binaries of high and low art and artist stereotypes an in keeping with the fluid, transdisciplinary approach of many artists working today. Checking out one of my favorite #StreetArtists “Desires” by Indie 184 known for her classic #NewYork simple yet playful graffiti style infused with exuberant bold colors bursting with hearts, stars and bubbles. You can find her graffiti pieces in the streets from South Bronx to Oslo. #MovingMedia happy fun Friday #StyleShow #film #filming #Gallery #MovingMedia #MadeinNY #Chelsea #NewYorkCity #2001films (at Chelsea)

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@Indie184 Happy Giant Candy Egg Friday! My local #CandyShop Fabergé Presents The Big Egg Hunt New York! #Egg71 by the #Artist #Indie184 She has been active in the graffiti culture for over a decade. Determined to express herself to the world through #art, she quit business college to teach herself how to sew, #paint and produce #graphicdesign, Influenced by all things #colorful, happy and sexy. She is known for her #ClassicNewYork simple yet playful #graffitistyle infused with exuberant bold #colors bursting with Candy Love! #EconomyCandy Since 1937, on the #LowerEastSide is an old-fashioned, family-owend #candystore that sells hundreds of kinds of chocolates, candies, nuts, dried fruits; including halvah, sugar free #candy and of course all the old time candy had when you where a kid. When Jerry Cohen’s father opened Economy Candy in 1937, it was a typical corner candy store of its day. Bulk bins full of #colorful hard #candies enticed youngsters with their panorama of choices. Guys could buy their dolls a heart-shaped box of chocolates when they had trouble expressing themselves in words. Barrels in the back yielded a geography lesson of nuts from around the world. The hard times of the Depression where easing up, the grim specter of war-to-come wasn’t yet hovering over #American shores, and television was a scientific marvel that was unlikely to have any practical commercial application. “#NoshersParadise of the Lower East Side” Take a Candy trip back in time Looking great this beautiful Egg can be yours to support a great cause The non-profits 100% #charitable, working to raise vital funds for two first class causes. Studio in a School is one of #NewYork most respected children’s non-profits, bringing visual #arts and professional #artists to more than 150 New York public schools & Elephant Family as they continue to race against the clock to save the endangered Asian elephant from extinction. Happy #EggHunt #thebigegghunt #Faberge this is going to be fun #thebigegghuntny love to help support a great cause animals & young artists #charity #film #filming #StyleShow #LES #MadeinNY #NewYorkCity #2001films (at New York City)