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Happy Friday excited to present this fun new positive Street Artist story with Alexis from RaawArt Segment #2 Charlie Green Street Art
Urban Pop Artist New York & Toronto
2001films in association with Monika Presents is please to present a new lifestyle series “Here & Now”
On the second segment we will meet Charlie Green Art in Soho with Alexis Gremmel from RaawArt excited to discuss his Urban Pop Artist Style!

Urban Pop Artist Style

Urban Pop Artist Style

Charlie Green Art was in mid 20’s when he came to terms with the arts as his calling. Charlie Green Collage Critters in action! Bold, Primitive, Iconic, Fantastic, Loose, Balanced, Dirty, Clean, Spontaneous about sums up Mr. Green so many influences, with hip-up and skate-surf-snow being the cultures Charlie grew up in. His work is an extension of Graffiti Art and black marker tagging, cartoon expressionism, branding and advertising, the human search for meaning.

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Jonathan Jones / Director

Alexis Gremmel / RaawArt

Monika Baskiewicz / Monika Presents

Dennis Vereten / Cinematographer

Valentine Mette-Marie Producer

Artist Charlie Green
Art “Art & Culture Creator. Pirate Treasure Hunter. 1Love”

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Default World Dreaming One of the signifying qualities of Burning Man is that there is no television, cell phone services or internet signal. All connection within the 78,000 person community is done in real time and space, which creates moments of creative serendipity and openness. NewYork artist Taki Fey, explores this lack of social programing in his work. He states: “the television has the power to shape the belief systems of the majority of a nation, and thus is truly a piece of modern sorcery. The default world created by the television has become “reality” for a vast swath of the population” His GreenTV is a re-approprition of the old cathode ray television set. By unplugging it from it’s “source”, the “Green TV” tunes into the world of visions and dreams by turning its former screen into a mist filled terrarium that conjures a holographic of folkloric spirits.

Jonathan Levin Gallery is always a sight for the wonder seeking eyes. But did I see Paris based street artist Ludo tonight at the gallery?

His trademark monochromatic paste-ups with dripping green highlights often merge technology with plants or insects to create what he calls a “new order of hybrid organisms”.

La NewYorkina was started in 2010 by Fany Gerson, after a long trip to her native Mexico to write her first book “My Sweet Mexico” she returned to New York wanting to share and celebrate the amazing frozen treats & sweets of Mexico.

All ingredients are sourced with farmers in New York and nearby to get delicious organic dairy, seasonal fruits and herbs. 

Other ingredients like the Mexican vanilla bean, Oaxacan chocolate, tamarind, dried chillies, passion fruit and hibiscus are imported from small producers in Mexico as we believe its very important to support them as well.