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@natgeo The Birth of the American Skyscraper! The Flatiron or Fuller Building was erected in 1903, construction having begun the year before in 1902. It quickly gained the distinction of becoming #Americas first true #skyscraper. At 285 feet this tenth story high building quickly became a midtown #landmark, stretching 19th century technology in construction ti its limits. Built on a steel frame and covered with non-load-bearing masonry, the facade was designed to resemble a classical pillar, with ornate scrolling and a protruding ornamented base and top. it was financed by Colorado gold miner nickname “Flatiron” and subsequently the name stuck. Its 24 levels, including a sub-basement, mezzanine, and attic, housed three shops, a barber shop, over two hundred offices. Fun Sunday exploring #NewYork #architecture #MadeinNY #FlatironBuilding (@madsqparknyc) #History #Flatiron #film #filming #NewYorkCity #2001films (at Flatiron Building)